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Prices going up as BC Ferries removes fuel rebates

Parksville, BC, Canada / 88.5 The Beach
Prices going up as BC Ferries removes fuel rebates

NANAIMO — Perhaps the last thing any Islander wants to hear: the price to ride the ferry is going up.

BC Ferries announced they are removing fuel rebates starting on June 27 due to the increasing cost of fuel on global markets.

A statement from the company said the impact will mean roughly $2.70 more for a vehicle with two adults on the major routes. On the minor routes, fares will increase about $1.30 for a vehicle with two adults.

The statement said the current rebates were in place since spring 2016.

The issue was previously a source of tension between the corporation and the NDP government.

In May, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said she was “surprised and disappointed” to learn of plans to remove the rebates. However, Ferries CEO Mark Collins said the government was well aware of the impending change.

Collins told media he would wait to hear an offer from the government to potentially keep the rebates in place but nothing more was said publicly about the matter until Tuesday’s statement that the rebates would end.

In April, fares were frozen on major routes, reduced on others and a seniors discount reinstated thanks to $59 million from the province.