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Inventory of open spaces in Parksville ready to go

Parksville, BC, Canada / 88.5 The Beach
Inventory of open spaces in Parksville ready to go

PARKSVILLE – Following on the heels of an extensive look at the community park, there is another sprawling project in the works in Parksville.

This one will update the 2005 Parks and Trails Master Plan with a draft expected to be ready for city council in early 2019. The City’s Deb Tardiff says once again VIU planning students will be involved.

“We’re looking forward to working with them again,” she said. “The students from VIU will be doing the Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Master Plan. We thought the Community Park Master Plan was big. This one is even bigger.”

With detailed GIS mapping, asset inventory, evaluation of the parks and trails connectivity and a needs analysis, Tardiff says this project is far more involved than the Community Parks Master Plan.

“There are, as we know, many trails in Parksville,” said Tardiff. “But there’s also some smaller parks, maybe not as big as the community park. Such as Foster Park, Springwood and then there’s also the new Ermineskin lands that the city recently purchased.”

Tardiff is hopeful the response for this project will mirror the one for the Community Parks Master Plan.

Public engagement starts on March 17 at a number of locations across the city.