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Parksville Brewery named Best in BC

Parksville, BC, Canada / 88.5 The Beach
Parksville Brewery named Best in BC

PARKSVILLE – They have only been open for seven months, but Parksville-based “Arrowsmith Brewing” has received a huge honour.

At the recent British Columbia Beer Awards, they were named ‘Brewery of the Year’ and had two of their beers recognized. They also recived top prize for their ‘Blonde Ale’ and second place for a seasonal summer brew. ‘Sea Run Saison’. Manager Matt Hill says the accolades have led to more attention for their products.

“There’s been quite a bit of interest out of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland,” he said. “I think that you may see us over there in very limited quantities at this time. But really, we want to make sure of our island first.”

He says the honour will also shine a light on other mid-Island breweries. And as for what’s next, Hill says from day one they had plans to expand the business.

“We’re excited about doing that and I think you’ll just see us keep building in the local area,” said Hill. “Keep working with the tourism community and keep building the reputation of Vancouver Island as a great beer destination.”

Hill believes the recognition they received will also shine a light on other mid-Island breweries.

Arrowsmith Brewing has the beers in 80 Vancouver Island liquor stores and another 70 pubs and restaurants.